Studying and Living in Denmark and Social Life for Foreign Students

Denmark may be a costly city, but it is very easy to have a good social life in the country while studying here. Accommodation is also readily available in Denmark.

Social Life in Denmark is Lively

Denmark has a numerous eateries, theatres and cinemas. It is one of the most culturally alive countries in the world. The standard of living is extremely high in Denmark. Social activities will not be too expensive if you economize while you are in Denmark. Those who can cut down on incidental expenses will be able to live in Denmark quite comfortably while studying here.

Managing your Money

Foreign students who arrive in Denmark should open a bank account. For this, they must maintain a Danish CPR number which is an ID number. They can request students in their class for recommendations. They also need to carry a passport ID along with the CPR to start a bank account.

Cash Management for Spending Daily

You need to carry enough cash for spending during the first few weeks in Denmark. From buying housewares to enjoying a cup of coffee at an eatery, you need to have enough money to spend during the day. Those who are clients of international banks can simply operate from there. Branches of global banks provide a lot of value for the students on foreign shores. Students also need to register their account with the authorities for what is known as Nemkonto which is an easy account. This ensures that everything from wages to tax rebates reaches you in time.

Cost of Living Based on Lifestyle

The amount of money you need to spend in Denmark while you study here depends upon your preferences, habits and lifestyle. Approximate cost of living in Denmark for each month has been calculated by the Study In Denmark portal.
According to the estimate, around 2,500 to 4,000 Danish kroners are needed for insurance purposes. Books cost about 100 kroners. On mobile phones, around 150 DKK is spent. Internet which is a vital part of social life costs around 250 DKK.

Cost of Social Activities in Denmark

For a second-hand bicycles, anywhere from 250 to 1,000 Danish kroners are charged. According to the Study in Denmark portal, a cinema ticket costs around 80 Danish kroners. Eating out at Danish restaurants can cost from 150 to 200 Danish kroners. Entering clubs is free of charge in only some cases. In some other clubs, you can only enter after paying up to 100 Danish kroners. Refreshments from supermarkets are cheaper than those sold in bars and cafes. Cost of refreshments such as a soft drink or coffee can range from 5 to 40 DKK.

Leisure Activities in Denmark

Reading is one of the biggest pleasures in the world. Public libraries in Denmark offer free entrance. You can meet people here as well as borrow music DVDs and computer games. Global newspapers in different languages are also readily available in Denmark.

Social Events in Libraries

A majority of the libraries in Denmark also have clubs for young persons wherein they can interact with others. These libraries also screen films and hold exhibitions, apart from cyber cafes and holding social events.

Broadband Connection for Internet

Danish higher educational institutions offer completely free Internet access but students can also opt for broadband connection at their residence. Flats may or may not be equipped with internet. Mobile broadband subscription is also a choice for students.

Danish Socialize Frequently

Danes have the highest number of associations and clubs with record memberships. There are plenty of activities to choose from including culture, sports and art. Sports club membership in Denmark ranges from 30 to 65 kroners, according to the Study in Denmark portal. Discounts are given to students as well. Denmark also has community centres clubs and NGOs for interest groups and social activities which international students can opt for.

Danes have Healthy Work Life Balance

Danish people are multifaceted. They are deeply involved in sports and cultural activities apart from education as well. Biking and kayaking are some of the ever popular activities in Denmark. Danes also have the chance to immerse themselves in many outdoor and leisure activities apart from art centres and heritage festivals.

Students in Denmark have a healthy social life. Education in Denmark also teaches you to have healthy work-life balance.
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