School Leaving Exams For Middle and Secondary School Education

The school system in Denmark has two academically oriented general upper secondary programmes.  The school leaving examinations are held following the 10th and 11th year as well as the 11th form examination. These exams are not compulsory though statistics indicate around 90 to 95% of the students write the first exam while 85 to 90 percent write the second exam.

Fee and Eligibility for Exams: This is included in the school fee. Students enrolled only in recognised Danish schools can take this exam. As a result of this stipulation, standard rules have been postulated for these exams. This is done to ensure educational uniformity across Denmark. While the exams are not compulsory, the levels of the written exam are very high. Written exam questions are marked centrally. It is the choice of the students whether they want to appear for these exams.

Format of the Examinations: These are the 2 school leaving examinations in the Danish folkesole or middle/ secondary school. They are Folkeskolens Afgangspro⁄ve and the Folkeskolens Udvidede Afgangspro⁄ve which refer to the School Leaving and Advanced School Leaving exams.

Both the exams consist of 2 parts namely the written and the oral. While the school leaving examination is taken after completion of the ninth or tenth form, in about 11 subjects, the latter is taken following the completion of studies upto the 10th form. Marks for the exam are awarded from 0 to 13. Standard rules are given for the exam by the Ministry of Education.

Though none of these exams must be compulsorily taken, the pupil as well as their parents and guardians can decide along with the school as to whether the student should taken the exam. All the students must have acquired skills in Danish ( reading , spelling, writing and oral) along with math (problem solving and/or skill expense), spoken/oral English and oral physics. Students must also show proficiency in either geography or biology.

For humanities students, proficiency must be demonstrated in the following subjects: oral religion, civics, history and written English as well as written and oral German and French. Scoring is in the form of a 7 point scale. Students taught vocational subjects such as needlework, home economics, French, German, woodwork can opt for voluntary leaving exams in such subjects as well.

Application Dates and Acceptance of Scores: The application for the exam is made through the school. The exam is held towards the end of the school term. Students can find out more from their folkeskole. All schools accept these test scores. Students who have appeared for these exams have their final score mentioned and the fact that they appeared for the exam indicated in the school leaving certificate. These scores are also recognised by the Danish Ministry of Education, apart from being included as an essential part of the Danish education system.

Students can choose whether or not to take this exam. There are many advantages of appearing for these exams such as being able to include this in later applications for high school.

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