Living and Accommodation Guidelines For International Students

Danish higher educational institutions are not known for on-campus housing. But there are easy ways to find suitable living accommodation while you study in this country.

Tips for Finding the Best Accommodation

Many students opt for residences near the campus as they can then access the institution via a bike. Public transport systems in Denmark are also very well developed. Students are advised to check up regarding accommodation before they arrive in Denmark itself. An efficient system of public transportation also facilitates the ease with which travel can be conducted between the living quarters of the students and the campus centre.

Guidelines for Finding the Right Accommodation
Students should start checking out accommodation facilities prior to the beginning of the semester at the Danish universities. In fact, they should contact the host educational institution for data about housing much before they commence with higher studies at the university.

Difficulty Finding Accommodation during Certain Months

It is especially hard for students to locate accommodation in larger cities during the months of August and September. Students should not arrive for higher studies without having made arrangements for living accommodation before hand.

Types of Accommodation for Students

Many international students choose to rent or sublease rooms from students or Danish nationals. Others may rent apartments as well or share accommodation with friends. Regardless of whether a residence flat or house is chosen, students have to look after their own needs. Cleaning up the room and completing your own laundry are some of the chores you will need to take care of on your own.

Kollegier or Student Residence Halls

Students may reside in communal housing such as halls for student residence. This type of accommodation is perfect for those who want to live in safe surroundings without any kind of disturbances. Private rooms are more expensive however.

Options for Renting Accommodation

Outgoing students can also opt for providing short term rentals for incoming students. Students such as those participating in student exchange programmes can also opt for renting decent living accommodations for some short time periods.

Boligsikring or Housing Benefits for Students

Students who are citizens of the EU or the EEA can also opt for housing benefits or ‘boligsikring’ through which students can recover rent from local councils. However, students who are not from these countries cannot apply or receive housing benefits from the state under any circumstances. Any irregularities aimed at falsely securing benefits can result in the residence permit of the student being revoked.

Website Helps Students in Finding Housing

Students are also well advised to visit the websites of the institutions where they will be studying to learn more about their housing options here. Many of these websites contain recommendations regarding the study as well as accommodation options.

Individual websites as well as rental agencies offer great deals for students coming from foreign shores to pursue international studies in Denmark. Some may even charge fees for their services.

Students can make a lot of choices depending upon whether they opt for short term or long term living accommodations in Denmark. The Danish nation has comfortable living and housing options for students from international shores.

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