Health Insurance and Safety For International Students in Denmark

Denmark has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Health care is advanced in this nation and there are several avenues for gaining health insurance, if you are a foreign student studying in Denmark.

Safety and Emergency

Denmark is a  safe choice for foreign students. Free health care services are also available for Danish as well as internationals students studying at the nation's universities and colleges. Those in need of emergency services can dial 112. As against many of the other developed nations, criminal activities in Denmark are very low. The society is open and there is mutual tolerance for different cultures and communities in this nation. However, care should be taken when one is carrying expensive items.

Danish Law Enforcement

The Danish police are extremely courteous and helpful. They offer any assistance needed by foreign students. Danish official study portal Study In Denmark advises international students to not hesitate from calling the police should the need arise.

Ambulance, Police And Firefighting Services

Apart from this, those dialling the emergency centre at 112 can avail ambulance, police and fire-fighting services. Those dialling the emergency call centre are required to provide details such as name, phone number and address. So, make sure you have the details at hand when you call.

Healthcare Insurance for International Students in Denmark

Students and residents in Denmark have access to a free health care system. Another massive benefit of studying in Denmark is that even international students are guaranteed free and prompt medical assistance during the period for which they are studying. Free medical treatment is available as well with the exception of dental care, physiotherapy and a few other such fields of medicine.

Rules regarding Health Insurance For International Students

Insurance Coverage in the absence of Registration with the Danish Civil Registration System
As per the Danish Health Act, all the non-residents staying in Denmark can gain access to free emergency hospital care if they are students not from EU/EEA and there are medical situations such as accident, acute illness, childbirth, or aggravation of longstanding chronic medical conditions or diseases.  Other healthcare services must be paid for or provisions for the same must be through your insurance cover. Please note that transportation costs are not covered by the public system of healthcare in Denmark.

Students from EU/ EEA/Switzerland : Health Insurance

For students from the EU/ EEA or Switzerland, those planning to stay in Denmark for lower than 3 months and have statutory insurance coverage with another EY nation can use their EHIC or European Health Insurance Card. Website:

You can use the EHIC to gain access to any type of healthcare service which is medically urgent during the time you are studying and staying in Denmark. The same health care services and benefits which are given to Danish students will be provided to those who have EHIC. The charge for the services rendered to you will be sent to the issuing body of your EHIC.

Nordic Nationals Exempt from Documents

Nordic nationals need not display any of the documents such as EHIC to avail of services. Moreover, students from the UK only need to show their passport to avail emergency medical health care services in Denmark.

Coverage for Students Who have Registered

Coverage for students who have registered with the Danish Civil Registration System is different. For those students who are from outside the EU and EEA and they plan to study for longer than 3 months, the Danish residence permit must be obtained and students must also be registered with the Danish Civil Registration System. Following this, they can get free medical treatment in the country.

International Students Hailing From EU, EEA or Switzerland

Those students who are from EU/EEA or Switzerland and want to study in Denmark for a period longer than 3 months and are covered by health insurance which is statutory from the home country can also register with the Danish Civil Registration System to get full access to the national system of health care.

Process for Registering

To register with the Danish Civil Registration System, students must submit form E106. Other than this, a valid EHIC card can also be issued by the statutory health insurance system of your home country.

Group 1 or Group 2

Students must chose whether they want to be insured via Group 1 or 2. In Group 1, students must accept the general practitioner or specialist provided to them. The benefit is that the student can avail of the services completely free of charge. Those in group 2 can choose the general practitioner or specialist they want but only part of the medical service is reimbursed in such situations. According to the Study in Denmark portal, around 98% of the Danish residents are insured in Group 1 only.

National Health-Insurance Card for International Students

Those students who enlist with the Civil Registration System will receive a national health insurance card/‘Sygesikringskort’. The card provides proof that students can visit any public health-care facility to avail of mdical services. They must also be able to produce the card when they visit not only clinics and hospitals or doctors, but pharmacists as well while collecting prescription drugs.

Details About the Card

The health-insurance card states the name and the address of the student as well as their Civil Personal Registration number. The name as well as the address of the student's doctor is also provided. Health-care coverage is also given for up to mone month long holiday trips within EU/EEA or Switzerland.

For non-emergency medical treatment on holidays such as weekends, public vacations or after 4 pm in the evening, every day of the week, the local doctor on-call can be requested to look after your health-care needs. You can find their number in the local telephone director or even the municipal website. Students can also visit Public Health Care Portal

Third Party Insurance Coverage

In case valuables are lost, the Danish higher educational institutions cannot be blamed or held liable for the same. It is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage while you are studying in this nation. The following insurance coverage is needed, according to the Danish official study portal Study In Denmark:
  • Insurance from Third Party for Liability/‘ansvarsforsikring’-This is perfect in case students have to pay compensation for another person in case of any accident or loss.
  • Insurance for Accidents/ulykkesforsikring-This is perfect for covering financial costs in case you have caused or been involved in any type of accident.
  • Insurance for Home Products and Appliances/indboforsikring-This is in case your personal belongings sustain any damage. This is very important for those who want to ensure that their personal items are not damaged or lead to any kind of losses in the case of theft.
  • Vehicle Insurance/bilforsikring- Students who are bring their cars with them should make sure that these are properly insured. If students have taken out insurance outside Denmark, bigger insurance companies may be the right choice. The websites need to be consulted for details. Educational institutions may also refer students to an insurance company.
Denmark is a wonderful place to study and insurance provisions are very advanced here. Students can exercise host of options before making their choices.
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