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Each year students from around the globe come to Denmark to go in for a quality education in safe, friendly, and innovation-driven surroundings. What they collect is a brilliant foundation for their future career within an extensive range of educational arenas, such as engineering, social sciences, and life sciences.

Danish Higher Education Institutions offer world class educational facilities so that students can excel in diverse fields. Higher education in Denmark is taught at universities, university colleges, academies of professional higher education and university level institutions of performing and fine arts as well as design and architecture.

Higher Educational Institutions: Universities

Universities in Denmark offer research based higher education at Bachelor's level. Master's level or Candidatus programmes are offered to those who wish to specialise in higher education. PhD programmes are also available online. Universities are available for specialisation in a vast degree of subjects. Public research is also conducted at these institutions.

These universities have received state-funding and they are autonomous institutions with governing boards with external majority. Universities offer research based higher education programmes. They are also responsible for active participation in knowledge exchange through key institutions and public research.

Academy Profession Degree Programme

Academy Profession degree program or akademiuddannelse is provided following two years of part-time study or one year full-time study of around 60 ECTS at what is known as short cycle level. The program combines theoretical studies with a practice-oriented approach.

Diploma Programmes

The diploma degree/diplomuddannelse) is awarded following two years of part-time study of around 60 ECTS.

Master Degree (Adult/Continuing Higher Education)

Adults who have completed higher education and plan to continue studies can commence with a Master's programme. The Master degree (mastergrad) is a research based second-cycle degree at university level. The degree is rewarded after two years of part-time studies corresponding to a full educational year of 60 ECTS. In some cases, the degree corresponds to 90 ECTS, and is therefore rewarded after three years of part-time studies.

Master degrees are offered by the eight Danish research universities and some additional university level institutions. The specialized Master degree programmes are organised so that it is feasible to maintain employment while studying.

Universities and institutes of higher education in Denmark have offered a wide variety and number of programmes of study for attaining desirable qualification. In Denmark, around 40% of the students complete higher education programmes of study and around 50 different educational institutions provide programmes of different levels and durations.

Two categories into which education programmes can be divided are as follows:
  • Universities that offer research-based programmes at the bachelor and masters levels
  • Institutions of higher education which provide vocation-related programmes of short to medium duration
Further studies can be pursued so that highly educated employees with master's or bachelor's degree and necessary work experience can attain better job prospects. Around 100 different part-time master's programmes are available. Individual bachelor and masters degree courses are also available.

Educational institutions in Denmark also welcome international students regardless of whether  they are guest students or they complete an entire study programme. Danish is also the language of instruction along with other subjects such as English. Many students can opt for studies without knowledge of Danish in this way.

Danish higher education has combined academic excellence with innovations in teaching and research. High standards of academic excellence as well as sophisticated interdisciplinary studies and project based activities ensure a learning environment that motivates people. Many Danish higher education institutions benefit from cooperation with industry as well as research institutes and business leaders to provide an enriching learning environment for students. Danish higher education institutions offer numerous opportunities for international students.

These institutions are highly international. They offer numerous programmes in English. A recent study involving responses of more than 3500 international students studying in Denmark show that 78% of the students would recommend Denmark as a destination for further studies. 93% also consider Denmark to be a country that is safe to live in.

Quality of education in higher educational institutions in Denmark is quite superlative in many ways. This education is regulated and financed by the state. All public educational institutions have received approval and evaluation on an ongoing basis.

Lifelong learning in Denmark is oriented towards improving the educational and career prospects of individuals. Danes also participate in adult education to enhance their knowledge and skills for professional advancement or changes in career. This is vital for improving the career opportunities and prospects of students who opt for higher studies in Denmark.

Students at Danish higher educational institutions continue to participate in the learning process and acquire responsibility for project completion in an independent way or in small groups. Apart from attending classes, students can also participate in discussions for development and analysis of critical thinking skills.

Academies of Professional Higher Education

Currently, there are nine independent academies of professional higher education. They provide academy profession programmes and further education in diverse fields. The academies of professional higher education are independent educational institutions. The legal basis of academies of professional higher education is regulated by Act on Academies of professional higher education.

University Colleges

University colleges offer higher education with strong emphasis on practice with respect to the international professional level. Seven university colleges in Denmark are self-governing institutions with legal basis. These are regulated by an Act on the University colleges of higher education.

The organisation of university colleges is associated with a vertical management structure comprises a board that has ten to fifteen members.  University colleges provide professional bachelors degree programmes aimed at the private sector. These university colleges offer primarily first-cycle higher education programmes. This includes professional bachelor programmes and diploma programmes as well.

Institutes of Maritime Training and Education

Maritime training and education in Denmark is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science-Danish Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support. This is associated with maritime training and education as well as training ships.

One Maritime and Education Centre for Engine Officers and able Ratings is the MARTEC or the Maritime Training and Education Centre.

There is another Maritime and Education Centre for Ship's Officers known as Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC). There is also a Nautical College and one Skipper School called Marstal Navigationsskole and Skagen Skipperskole. One schoola nd two sailing training vessels for ordinary ratings include Svendborg Sofartsskole, Skoleskibet DANMARK and Skoleskibet Georg Stage. There is also a school for commercial fishermen known as the Fisheries Training Centre. The Maritime Education Council regulates maritime education.

Institutions with Art and Architecture

Higher Education Institutions within the Fine Arts

Under the regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education, there are currently 4 education institutions to offer higher education within Fine Arts. The education programmes occur at a self governing and three state-owned institutions. There are currently 3200 students at the above four education institutions.

Higher educational institutions in Denmark are oriented towards providing quality education. There are many important institutes where a student can acquire career-oriented academic qualifications.

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