Essentials To Remember For International Students

Studying in a new country is whole new experience by itself and Denmark is no exception to this rule. Easing one's self into a new culture requires a certain degree of alertness and care, according to the Official Danish study portal Study in Denmark.

Coping with Culture Shock

Culture Shock is one of the biggest problems that students from diverse countries find when they are introduced to a more open and independent learning environment. It is important to take the time to adapt to the new culture .

Tips for Settling In

Settling in is a very important part of the adjustment process. Many fellow students at one time or another feel a sense of difficulty in coping with differences. Talking to the fellow students or even the campus counsellor can certainly help you to adjust better to the level of rigour and hard-work required at Danish higher educational institutions.

Viewing Life in a New Culture as a Learning Experience

A very good way to adjust to the differences is to see the process as one that involves acquiring new knowledge. This can be a very positive learning experience for the students as well. Personal and professional development is aided as a result of these experiences.

Financial Preparedness

Education in Denmark can be costly considering that scholarships are rare and hard to get, especially for students from non EU or EEA countries. Students need to budget for everything from a cup of coffee to the cost of their books. Careful financial planning can lead to a solution of a lot of problems with ease.

Learning Danish

Living in a multicultural environment such as Denmark is not easy if you do not know the native language. Foreign language skills can only get you so far. In fact, for Danish medium undergraduate courses, it is even more vital that you learn the language.

For learning Danish, students from different countries can find out just how the experience has been for others before they proceed to learn the language.

Lessons Free of Charge

International students and/or employees at Denmark can learn Danish language for free. For signing up for such courses, the need a Danish CPR or registration number which is like an ID. These language courses are offered through a network of langauge centres which are public as well as private.

Centre for Danish Courses
Students can choose between day as well as evening courses. Students must then pass the state approved test in accordance with the Common European Framework for languages.

Danish Proficiency Online

Students can also opt for Danish courses online if they have a CPR number. Such courses are for beginners as well as those with some understanding of the courses. Students can attain high levels of proficiency in Danish through such courses.

Learning Danish on Your Own

Students can also opt for Danish learning courses at several universities in their home country before coming to Denmark for higher studies. The Danish Cultural Institute is one such institute which offers Danish language courses for students through branches in other countries. Another good idea is to consult the Danish embassy or consulate in your area for further guidance regarding Danish language courses.

Accommodation Safeguards

Another important thing students need to do is to take adequate precautions to avoid housing scams. Students should make enquiries from trusted sources only regarding accommodation arrangements. They should also be wary for those who want hasty payment of house deposit. Checking the papers and details carefully before committing to the accommodation is also important.
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