Cost and Financial Aid for Higher Education Degree Programmes

Danish higher education is free for students hailing from EU/EEA regions and for those who have come to the educational institution as part of the exchange programme. 

Higher education in Denmark is not only free for those from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland and exchange programme students, but also for those who at the time of the application have any of the following documentation:
  • permanent residence permit/‘permanent opholdstilladelse (Know how to apply for permanent residence, see 
  • temporary residence permit capable of being upgraded to permanent one/midlertidigopholdstilladelse mmf varigt ophold
  • residence permit for child of non-EU/EEA parent with a residence permit associated with employment as per 9a in the Danish Aliens Act-
Other students are required to pay full tuition fees. 

Scholarship Programmes for Danish Higher Educational Institutions

Many of the Danish institutions have reached bilateral agreements with foreign institutions for higher education. This facilitates the mutual exchange of students, teachers and researchers. National as well as European programmes are also there which offer scholarships for global students who want to take advantage of institutional agreements to study in Denmark.

Restrictions and Prerequisites for Danish Higher Education Programmes

Guest students can also opt for international double or joint degree  but there are certain pre-requisites for particular programmes.

Nordplus Offers Financial Assistance

Those enrolled in higher education institutions in the Nordic or Baltic region can also opt for financial assistance from Nordplus. Such students who then want to study in another Baltic or Nordic region can easily opt for Nordplus.

Erasmus for Students

Students from EU/EEA/Switzerland can also opt for financial help from Erasmus, if they pursue higher education in the home countries. Exchange programmes for students can last from 3 to 12 months. 

Erasmus Mundus for Students

The Erasmus Mundus programme can be applied to for students from EU/EEA as well as non-EU/EEA students. The Erasmus Mundus programme provides students with the chance to get scholarship for specific post-graduate Master's degree programmes. Courses may be offered jointly by the Danish institution as well as another European university or college.

Fulbright Commission for Students

American students opting for higher studies in Denmark can also contact the Fulbright Commission for further information.

Danish Government Scholarships as per the Cultural Agreements

Under the Cultural Agreements, Danish government scholarships can be sought by well qualified exchange students as well as researchers who wish to study in this country. Fields for which financial assistance is offered include Danish language and culture as well as other studies pertaining to the country such as environmental studies and design as well as architecture.

Students Eligible for Danish Government Scholarships

Danish government scholarships are offered to students from EU countries as well as Russia, China, Israel, Japan and Egypt. As per the Agreement, students can avail of scholarship for studies of long duration and summer language courses.

Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students

Danish government scholarships are also provided to highly qualified students from non EU/EEA nations. Such scholarships are limited in number and they are awarded to fully qualified students from countries outside EU. EEA and Switzerland.

In order to be eligible for Danish government scholarships, students must be:

  • Citizens from nations other than those in EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland
  • Enrolled in full-degree higher education programmes 
  • Granted time-limited residence permit in the nation due to education.

Those who have legal claim to rights which are same as Danish citizens or have been granted residence permit during time of admission by Danish Aliens Consolidation Act cannot apply. Also exempt from the scholarships are those who have sought admission to university level institutions in arts, architecture or design.

More about the Grant/Scholarship

Students eligible for the scholarship as per the Danish Law regarding the State Education Fund . Scholarships administered by the institutions are awarded to students following deliberations by the latter. Government scholarships comprise 2 parts. They can be given as complete scholarship and/or in parts. For scholarships administered by individual institutions, queries can be directed to them.

The Danish State Educational Support/SU for Students

Danish State Educational Support is given to Danish residents. However, international students can also apply for equal status regarding state educational support. 

For detailed guidance, application links and latest updates see Education Funding.
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