Facts About Denmark As A Popular Study Destination

Quick Facts for Choosing Denmark as a Study Destination

Denmark has received superior ranking for its educational system and quality of education offered by universities and colleges from a number of organisations and ranking agencies.

Ranked Fifth By Universitas

Universitas 21 has ranked Denmark as among the top 5 best countries in the year 2012 for providing quality higher education studies. The other countries in the list were Sweden, Finland, US and Canada. The ranking was based on features such as resources, research output and impact, rate at which the institutions churn out talented workforce and connectivity as well as a superior learning environment.

Denmark was ranked among the top countries when it came to expenditure on research. Nations with the highest impact causing research also included Denmark. This country was also accorded the status of being the centre of the best education institutions per head of population in terms of depth. Universitas 21 is an international  research network of around 24 universities as well as colleges. The members have worked together to further international mobility as well as engagement between students and staff.

QS Ranks 5 Danish Universities among the World's Best

The QS World University ranking considers around 2,000 universities and evaluates around 700 of them to rank the best universities in the world. The best university among the Nordic countries for the year 2012 was found to be the University of Copenhagen.
The top 5 Danish universities in the list, the 4 other being Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University as well as Technical University of Denmark were also included in the rankings.

PISA 2012 Findings

The PISA 2012 found that the average performance in reading of 15-year olds is around 496 points, which is the average for students from OECD nations. Girls performed better than the boys as they had an average which was 38 points higher than the latter.
For mathematics, the 15-year olds from Denmark scored 500 points as compared to 494 points as an OECD average. Boys performed better than the girls with average score difference between the 2 being around 11 points. As far as science literacy was concerned, Danish students scored below the OECD average with boys performing better than the girls.  

Higher Educational Institutions with Excellence

Danish higher educational institutions combine academic excellence with innovative research. Apart from exemplary academic standards, these interdisciplinary studies and project-based activities ensure dynamic learning and working environments.
Through cooperation and collaboration with businesses, research centres and organisations, higher educational institutions can excel in creating rich and creative learning environments that offer a host of important learning experiences for students.
A survey conducted by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education has found in a survey of 3,500 students, around 78% of the students recommended Denmark as a study destination and 93% would also consider Denmark to be a safe country to work in.

Danish Education Ranked 12th Best

The Global League Table 2012 complied by the Economist Intelligence Unit and educational firm Pearson has ranked the Danish education system as the 12th best in the world. Denmark ranked ahead of countries such as France, Germany, and US in this ranking. The survey sought to discover which countries were promoting a “culture” of education.

OECD praises Danish Education System

An OECD report also praised the superlative quality of the Danish post-secondary vocational education. A dynamic relationship between education and the labor market was emphasised by the OECD. It praised the Danish education system for its linkages and internships.

The Danish higher educational institutions have been ranked among the best in the world. Danish higher education excels on various parameters such as academics-industry interlinkages as well as superior research and course design.

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