PhD Programmes for Doctoral Students In Higher Education

A Ph.D degree is awarded following a total of eight years of higher education as well as research. The PhD programme generally lasts for duration of three years and involves 180 ECTS credit points. The entry requirement is a Master's/Candidatus degree. The programme is completed following the public defence of a PhD thesis wherein the candidate shows the capacity to carry out a scientific project which involves independent application of scientific methodology.

PhD Programmes in Danish Higher Educational Institutions

All Danish higher educational institutions and universities offer PhD programmes within their research areas. Individual universities may grant PhD degrees within the disciplines in which universities conduct research for which a PhD school has been established. A university also establishes a PhD school on its own or in partnership with one/more other universities.

The PhD degree is awarded following three years of higher education and comprehensive research. This degree is obtained following a Master's/candidatus degree. The individual university also conducts its Ph.D programme within the framework of the PhD order/Ph.d.-bekendtgorelsen.

Objective of PhD Programme in Danish

Such PhD programme trains students at international levels to undertake research as well as development and teaching assignments in public as well as private sectors. A broad knowledge of research is required for this type of programme.

The PhD student is appointed as a principal supervisor with responsibility for student's PhD programme. Recognition is accorded to the principal supervisor who is generally a recognised researcher within the relevant field and he or she should be employed within a university and affiliated within the PhD school. Additional supervisors also need to be appointed.

A PhD programme consists of the following elements:
  • An independent PhD project is conducted under supervision
  • Then a PhD thesis is conducted on the basis of the PhD project 
  • The PhD courses are then completed in about six months 
  • Participating in active research environments including long-term stays at foreign and research institutions is very important 
  • Experience in teaching or knowledge dissemination is also important. 
  • A doctoral student must then defend the PhD thesis at the university. 

Admission to PhD Programme

In Denmark, each institution is responsible for its own admission. Requirements may vary from institute to institute and from programme to programme. Here is what you need to know about the admission to PhD programme in Denmark: 

Admission to the PhD programme is solely dependent on attainment of Master's degree or equivalent. The university may also decide to let the PhD programme commence in connection with Master's program. Students also get the opportunity to complete Master's programme. The institution also decides who is to be admitted as PhD students. The rules of institutions stipulate the criteria on the basis of which students get admissions. A PhD student must be enrolled administratively on the doctoral programme.

The PhD programme is in accordance with rules laid down by the educational institutions. As per the programme, the student must carry out independent research under a supervisor. The complete PhD courses or similar study elements of about 30 ECTS points must be completed. Foreign as well as research institutions and private research enterprises are also involved in the research. Once the candidate has gained adequate experience of teaching activities or any other form of knowledge pertaining to the student's PhD project he or she nears completion of the PhD thesis.

The institution may provide approval on a case-by-case basis for the PhD program. Using its own initiative or via an application from a PhD student, the institution can appoint supervisors who must be qualified within the relevant field and replace the principal supervisor or other supervisors. The institution offers the PhD student a teaching course or student teaching guidance. The institution ensures that required resources are provided for PhD students for completion of the PhD programme as instructed on the student's PhD plan.

Efforts are made to assess if the student is following the PhD plan. The assessment is derived from the assessment by a principal supervisor. This is following the consultation with the PhD student so that the PhD programme is in accordance with the doctorate which is granted. The rules pertaining to the writing and submission of PhD thesis are also provided by the institution only. A PhD thesis cannot be submitted for assessment by 2 or more authors jointly.

The enrollment of a PhD student expires following the submission of the thesis. In case the principal supervisor is of the opinion that the PhD programme is not completed satisfactorily, the student is then given at least 2 weeks to provide comments on the opinion of the principal supervisor.

The thesis can be acceptable for assessment in case the PhD programme nears satisfactory completion. The institution may also decide that a thesis may be accepted for assessment in case the author has not completed the PhD programme but possesses other comparable qualifications. The PhD student supervisors may not be members of the assessment committee though principal supervisors may assist the assessment committee without voting rights. 

Doctoral programmes in Denmark provide students a chance to undertake in-depth study of any given subject.
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