Studentereksamen or STX Final Examination

Studentereksamen or the STX exam is taken following the completion of education at the Danish gymnasium or high school. This exam confers the high school certificate for school students in Denmark. During the years of education at the gymnasium, the students must complete various tests and exams. Most of these are either oral or written. Many of these exams allow for preparing from home while others set a certain amount of time for preparation. While some exams must be taken, others are not compulsory. The exams which must be studied each year are chosen by the Ministry of Education for individual students.

For each of these exams the syv trins skalaen or the 7 step scale will be the basis on which the student's performance is assessed. Students must get at least grade 2 for the test to have passed. The Ministry of Education oversees the examination and its content. Following completion of education at the Gymnasium, students appear for the studentereksamen or the STX examinations. After having passed this test, students are presented with the certificate which includes the marks for the annual work as well as exam marks and two average figures apart from the final exam result.

Certificate of STX examination bears the signature of the Gymnasium's headmaster and it is drawn up by the Ministry of Education. One original certificate only must be issued. The copy is that of the translated certificate. The STX certificate is translated into various languages such as English, German and French. To reach the final STX exam, students must enter formal studies at the Gymnasium’s STX programme.  The programme prepares students for the exam.

Format of the STX Exam and Programme

As the STX exam tests the general education and study preparation of the students, the programme is tailored to train students to cope with the challenges. The programme enables students to reach high academic standards in numerous subjects in humanities, social as well as natural science so that the completion of higher education is final and comprehensive.

The structure of the specialised study programme for this exam is as follows, its duration being two and a half years. There are compulsory subjects (which are basically 3 subjects constituting the specialised study programme), multi-subject coursework, electives and specialised study project. The basic programme lasts for 6 months only.

Compulsory subjects and levels are as follows. Danish, English, a second foreign language, physical education, history, mathematics, an artistic subject, a subject from the natural sciences and the social sciences constitute these.  The subjects are placed under the following levels:

Level A: Danish, History.

Level B: English

Level A or B: Second Foreign Language

Level C: Classical studies, physics, physical education, artistic subject, religion, mathematics, and social science.

Level B Minus: biology, chemistry and natural geography (either 2 of the 3 must be completed)

Compulsory artistic subject is selected from among the following: drama/visual arts/media studies/music

Second foreign language: French (continued level B and A), German (Continued level B and A), French Beginner Language (A), Italian(A), Russian(A), Spanish(A) or German beginner language A.

Multi subject courses and a natural science basic programme are also part of the curriculum.

Apart from this, students also choose specialised subjects and electives. Specialised study subjects include subjects of the following level in a trio such as AAC- or ABC depending upon what the individual school or gymnasium decides. As far as electives are concerned, each student has an entire set of elective subjects and the number depends upon the study field subjects chosen by students.

Numerous methods of teaching are used at the STX programme including classroom instruction and project work. Virtual organised teaching is also used wherein students and teachers may be in different schools. While the STX is offered by general upper secondary/high schools called Gymnasiums in Denmark, other schools offer higher preparatory examinations and many other types of exams for students.

Admission requirements for the Exam and Programme

Following completion of 9th grade in Denmark, students can join Gymnasiums and take the STX. The STX is a baccalaureate which is for secondary education. The admission requirements besides completion of ninth grade include special things for certain subjects and studies which have been completed.

Eligibility for the STX Exam

stx test denmarkTo be able to join the STX programme and give the exam, students must have completed studies up to 9th grade in elementary school and/or received training that matches studies up to the 9th grade. This includes training in second foreign language as well as having passed mandatory public school leaving exams. Different test requirements apply, depending upon whether the students have made their application following the 9th or 10th grade. More details about the admission requirement can be gained in the Ministry of Education's offocial website on admission to upper secondary education.

For the exam, students must show training readiness. Professional tests may be taken in one or more subjects if testing readiness is not shown and admission to the STX programme and exam will then be based on test scores in these. If compulsory final exams have been missed, students will have to take these as well for admission to the STX programme. Students who have not attended the Danish school will only be admitted once they have shown that they can match the requirements and the performance of students who have completed their studies in Denmark.

Fee and Application Deadlines in STX Exams

Public colleges offer free STX programmes. At private schools or Gymnasiums, the cost can vary between 1,000 and 1,500 kroner per month. Boarding schools cost a lot more though students over 18 years of are are given assistance to cover part of the tuition fees. Applications for the programme and exam must be made by March 1 each year here. Notification for the same comes by June 1st and the programme commences in the month of August.

Scores Acceptance 

Scores of these exams are accepted by undergraduate colleges throughout Denmark. The college accepts the scores of this upper secondary examination for application to Bachelor's degree programmes in Denmark. This Danish upper secondary examination is extremely popular.

The Danish upper secondary STX examination is given following completion of the preparatory programme. The STX exam is commonly given by students towards the end of studies at private or public Gymnasiums. The scores are accepted across colleges in Denmark.

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