Higher Technical Examination

Following 12 years of education and any of the upper secondary/high school leaving examinations such as STX, HF, HHX or HTX, students can go in for higher studies in Denmark. The  Hojere teknisk eksamen or HTX is a school leaving examination which has great value for students who want to pursue a career in technology. The HTX examination includes a vocationally oriented upper secondary education programme to qualify for it as well. These programmes are offered at business as well as technical colleges.

The HTX course consists of core subjects which are compulsory such as Danish, a second foreign language and English. Also obligatory are those subjects which are related to technology such as technology studies, natural sciences and vocational studies. Students can choose 5 or 6 electives as well from the subjects which are important for their particular line of education.

Format of HTX Examination

The HTX examination is patterned on all the subjects which the students have studied. Students are also assessed continuously in the programme on the basis of their verbal and written performance. Marks are given and assigned on a scale of zero to 13. Students must attain an average of 6 so that they can complete their upper secondary education.  

The HTX exam was established in 1982 to improve the standards of technical education in the country and improve on existing courses in areas such as innovation. With the aim to brining about skilled professionals in fields such as engineering, this exam and its associated special study programme are important.

Though initially established on an experimental basis, the HTX programme was later broadened to focus on technological and scientific subjects along with general ones. Currently, of the total number of schools in Denmark around 146 offer STX or HF while 38 offer HTX and 60 offer HHX as per figures provided by the Danish Ministry of Education. Around 46,000 pupils are admitted on an annual basis by them which is around 60% of the Danish youth taking their steps towards higher education, according to the Danish Education Ministry.

The HTX programme contains multi-subject courses with the aim of improving the capabilities of the students to be able to cope with academic challenges.  The curricula for the subjects are designed by the Danish Ministry of Education. Subjects are divided into levels A,B and C in terms of their scope and complexity.

For the examination, students are awarded marks on a scale which is 7 point ranging from -3 to 12. Pupils receive term marks in the subjects and teachers also provide an assessment alongside.

The exam has a written as well as an oral component and external examiners are apppointed for this as well as other upper secondary education examinations. All types of aids are utilized including computers for these exams as well. Students who achieve a minimum of grade 2 in these exams as average of the exam marks and the term marks are provided an examination certificate. Examination averages use weightage system. Future opportunities for students open up through these exams.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements for the Test

For being admitted into the upper secondary education programme for HTX, a pupil must have finished 9 years of basic education in a Danish school or received educational instruction which corresponds to it. Students must also have appeared in the mandatory final examination of primary as well as lower secondary school. Students can take admission tests if they have not passed these compulsory examinations.

Pupils may also be required to take admission tests in case the school offering the programme recommends it. Those students who have not finished their education at a Danish school may be admitted if they have qualifications which are equivalent to those with Danish education. These students may also have to take the admission test.

Fee for the HTX

Schools must also provide academic instruction for students so that they can gain individual as well as collective guidance regarding the completion of education programmes. Teaching services are free of charge because the state pays for them. To some extent, a maximum of 2,500 Danish kroner may be spend on acquisition of teaching materials such as pocket calculators and school supplies. Students of 18 years or above can refer to the Danish State Education unit (SU) for financial help.

Application Process for the HTX

Students who have completed their 9th or 10th standard education must fill in the application at the official website by March 1st. Students must submit the application before the deadline of March 15th. Following this, they are notified in writing regarding the recording by June 1st. The programme commences in the month of August.

Acceptance of HTX Scores

The HTX is a standardised upper secondary/high school examination and its test scores are accepted by all Danish educational institutions. In fact, scores of such upper secondary education tests are mandatory while applying for higher education in Denmark.

The Danish high school/upper secondary education programme and the HTX test are created for ensuring students acquire technical proficiency in their field. It is essential for ensuring students do well in their higher studies. This exam is well formulated and it is given following the completion of the special study programme.

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