TOEFL for International Students Applying to Danish Higher Educational Institutions

Introduction to the Test

TOEFL or Test of the American English Language is a test that is needed for application for higher studies in Denmark. Students can apply for admission to Danish universities that offer English medium courses and programmes through this test.

Fee, Registration and Eligibility

toefl denmarkInternational students applying for higher studies in Denmark can take the TOEFL test. The scores of this test are valid for 2 years. Students can take the test for a fee of $250 USD. TOEFL's internet based version is the most popular choice among students applying for higher studies in Denmark. Those who register for the TOEFL test can also order test preparation materials. Students can register for the internet based test 24/7. Students can also register via post or telephone.
Local test centres for TOEFL in Denmark are located in Aarhus and Copenhagen.


TOEFL consists of a written format and its internet based test can be accessed online. To know more about TOEFL, as well as dates and listings, you can open a TOEFL IBT account or contact the organisation. To know more about TOEFL , please visit the link.

List of Universities that Accept TOEFL Scores

Aalborg University
DI Code: 8892
    Aalborg, DK
Aarhus Technical College
DI Code: 0268
    Aarhus, DK
Aarhus University Institute of Business & Technology
DI Code: 8607
    Herring, DK
Copenhagen Business School
DI Code: 7035
    Copenhagen, DK
Danish University of Education
DI Code: 1358
    Copenhagen, DK
IT University of Copenhagen
DI Code: 9015
    Copenhagen, DK
Royal School of Library and Information Science
DI Code: 1911
    Copenhagen, DK
Technical University of Denmark
DI Code: 1684
    Lyngby, DK
Universitat Duisburg-Essen
DI Code: 1703
    Duisburg, DK
VIA University College
DI Code: 1969
Unversity of Aarhus
DI Code: 8935
    Aarhus, DK
University of Copenhagen
DI Code: 8928
    Koobenhavn     U Education Services, DK
University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Humanities
DI Code: 3312
    Copenhagen, DK
University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Life Sciences
DI Code: 4680
    Frederiksberg, DK
University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Science
DI Code: 0177
    Copenhagen, DK
University of Southern Denmark
DI Code: 7969
    Odense, DK
Denmark Technical College
DI Code: 5744
Voorhees College
DI Code: 5863
Metropolitan University College
DI Code: 5341
    Copenhagen, DK
University of Copenhagen Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
DI Code: 7293
    Copenhagen, DK
Ucn School Technology Business
DI Code: 7294
    Aalborg, DK
Business Academy Aarhus
DI Code: 3737
    Aarhus, DK
University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Theology
DI Code: 5035
    Copenhagen, DK
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
DI Code: 6398


TOEFL is a popular choice for international students who wish to pursue higher studies in Denmark. This exam is internet bases though there are paper and pencil version as well. There are certain set dates on which this exam is conducted. This exam is a easy one for students who have studies English medium courses for their education. Some amount of preparation is needed by students who do not have prior training in the language.
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