Danish Language Proficiency Test 3 for International Students

Prove i dansk 3/Danskprove 3 is the Danish name for this test. This is a language proficiency test which must be taken by international students who not only want to study in this country, but also apply for Danish citizenship. This Danish test is also used to demonstrate language proficiency in key professional areas.

Format of the Test

This test has a written as well as an oral part. The current level pf proficiency in the Danish language should correspond to the European B2 to pass this test. The two components of the exam are held on separate days.

Written part

The written part of the exam contains a test for assessing reading comprehension apart from a complete written test. Reading comprehension is completed within 1 hour 30 minutes and it is a 2 part section of the rest. Students have to respond to questions based on the information given within the written materials. To comprehend the materials, students must also possess knowledge of the systems and customs of Danish society and understand key social customs and norms. The written test lasts for around 2 and a half hours and it too has 2 parts. Students are asked to write a formal/causal letter or enquiry as well as a larger written assignment on any given topic.

Oral Part

For the oral part, students must complete a test of oral communication along with listening comprehension and the test lasts for 15 minutes. This oral test is divided into two halves and it is taken individually. Part 1 comprises presentation on assigned topics as well as interviews pertaining to the topic. Part 2 is a section where students are asked to describe a situation and then they are interviewed as well.

Requirements for Prove i dansk 3-Successful Clearance

To pass the Danish language proficiency test 3, the current level of Danish known should be corresponding to B2 as per the European framework. More information can also be found about the conditions to pass this exam at this link.


  • The Danish Level 3 Test is graded as per a 7 point scale. Those who score higher than grade 2 or equivalent to this pass the exam.
  • When the grade average is calculated, the oral communication grade is given double the weightage of a verbal part.
  • The certificate following the passing of this exam is issued in 3 working days following the it.

Eligibility for the Test

This test must be taken by those who want to become Danish citizens following higher education here. International students who have been accepted into accredited Danish higher educational institutions can take this test. Students from Nordic nations who have Danish, Swedish or Polish as part of their language for the entrance test need not take this exam.

This Danish test is known for its excellent prospects once students pass the exam. This is the highest level of Danish language proficiency test in Denmark.

For latest updates see www.clavis.org

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