Opportunities For Post-Doctoral Research and Schemes For Researchers

Post-doctoral research opportunities in Denmark are growing by leaps and bounds. There are many programmes and research projects for post-doc students in this nation.

Growing Opportunities for Post-Doctoral Research in Denmark

As per the latest Eurostat figures, there were around 15,700 researchers in Danish higher educational institutions. Of these, nearly 11.2% were non-Danish. The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation which is part of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has focused on attracting top research talent from abroad.

Chances for Top Talent at Denmark's Research Institutions

Denmark's higher educational institutions offer a lot of variety for the post doctoral researcher. Current vacancies at the professor and associate professor level are publicised on an international basis. Many of the institutions cover travel expenses and additional costs incurred by the post-doc researchers. Some also have dedicated support units for assisting staff at these universities and research institutions.

Schemes for Post-Doc Researchers

National schemes are also operating to ensure that top global professionals can settle with ease in Denmark. Work as well as residence permits are readily provided to researchers who strive for an academic career in Denmark. There is a Positive List which includes special schemes for qualified professionals in the academic sector. Individual assessment can also be a basis on which jobs are provided for the Green-Card Scheme.

A special flat rate of 26% income tax is available for international researchers for 60 months. Pension contributions for this period must still be paid and there is no application for deduction of any kind.

Denmark as a Top Destination for Researchers

Important research strengths in areas such as sustainable energy and health sciences are notable fields for post-doc researchers to be employed. Denmark is a knowledge based society with a welfarist and business orientation with excellent research facilities and good salaries for career progression. Even PhD candidates receive payment for research they conduct.

Denmark also provides high standard of living and excellent work-life balance apart from quality healthcare and top schools. Most Danes speak English so studying here is very easy for global students.

Educational Ties with Other Nations

As Denmark is a partner in the Bologna Process, it participates in programmes such as Erasmus and Tempus which provide additional funding for researchers.

The country also maintains close cooperation with other Nordic nations via a Nordic Council which has ministers to monitor schemes such as the Nordplus education programme which promotes learning throughout life.

Exchange Programmes in Danish Higher Educational Institutions

Universities in Denmark also have exchange and cooperation programmes with European and international institutes. Denmark is also a signatory to numerous research and education agreements with many countries. An example is the Sinoo-Danish Centre pertaining to education and research known as SDC. This centre is located at the Yangihu Campus of the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and it has opened in the year 2013. The SDC also collaborates  with around 8 universities in Denmark apart from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education as well as the Chinese Academy regarding Sciences or CAS.

Denmark as a Centre for Materials Research

One of Denmark's most notable achievements is the European Spallation Source which is a materials research facility located in Sweden. This is set to open in the year 2019. ESS is set to be one of the biggest and most advanced facilities for materials research in the world.

Internationalisation of Education in Denmark

Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation is a government agency within the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education in Denmark and it is responsible for ensuring international students and researchers are able to study and work at leading Danish higher educational institutions.


Denmark has unlimited research opportunities at post-doctoral level for those who believe in themselves and have the skills to excel in their field.

For latest updates see official website Study in Denmark https://studyindenmark.dk/
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