All About Admission Guidelines for Foreign Students

Candidates belonging to 2 different groups can apply through Quota 2. The first group comprises candidates who have an upper secondary education. If the GPA is not high enough for admission in Quota 1, candidates can apply through Quota 2. Assessment is made on the basis of other qualifications as well. The application will also be assessed automatically on a simultaneous basis in Quota 1 so that you will have to apply for each programme at one point of time only.

Qualifications Other Than Upper Secondary Education

For candidates who possess qualifications other than upper secondary education,  the application can be made for some programmes based on other qualifications such as vocational training or single subject courses. This is the only an option for certain programmes such as professional bachelor degree programmes and academy profession programmes.

Criteria For Admission To Study Programmes In Denmark

For each educational institution, there is a criterion for admission through Quota 2 for each of the programmes. The criteria encapsulate an entire range of qualifications on the basis of which educational institutions evaluate the applicant. All the qualifications need not be met but chances of admission rely vastly on the number of qualifications possessed by the candidate. Certain programmes may have specified minimum criteria that have to be fulfilled. Some educational institutions also need motivational essays as part of the application process for Quota 2. More information can be found on specific criteria on educational institution's websites.

Data about the admission and application processes can be found on the institutions own individual websites. More can be learnt about the type of information and documentation needed to assess Quota 2 application. It is critical to complete the scrutiny of the requirements including the criteria and documentation to ensure that the application can be considered in Quota 2. The same programme can be applied for at different reputed educational institutions as per the various Quota 2 critieria.

Certain programmes provide admissions to candidates only via Quota 2. These programmes have admission tests as well as interviews or a combination of the two.  The test or interview must also be attended so that the admission procedure can take place. Certain programmes with admission tests require certain types of written material to be attached to the application prior to the application deadline of 15th March at noon.
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