Admission Requirements for Master's Degree in Denmark

Many different topics are available for students who want to specialise and get a Master's degree from Denmark. Danish higher educational institutions offer scores of Master's degree programmes for students specialising in science, arts and humanities along with fine arts and professional courses.

Danish higher educational institutions offer Master's degree following completion of 120 ECTS. Master's degree programmes in Danish colleges and universities are research based and they are offered in a host of scientific fields. The Danish title for the Master's degree programme is Cand.  The English title is Master of Arts/Master of Science in the particular field of study.

Within arts, Master's degree is awarded following the completion of 120 to 180 ECTS. These programmes are oriented for students with a research or artistic research focus.

Most of the Master's degree programmes can last anywhere between 2 to 4 years. Master's programmes are readily available in Danish as well as English medium.

Entrance/Tests Requirements For Master's Programmes

For postgraduate degrees, students must seek admission for Candidatus/Master's degree programmes based on the following admission requirements:

Firstly, the student must have an internationally recognised Bachelor's degree in any subject with high academic standards or equivalent

Second, he or she must have proof of proficiency in English for English medium programmes and Danish for Danish medium programmes.

Type of Programmes Students Can Apply For

When it comes to Master's degree programmes in Danish higher educational institutions, the educational background plays a very important role in the kind of programmes you can apply for. Most of the Bachelor's degree programmes require you to have access to complete upper secondary education as a basic requirement. Some types of postgraduate education can be accessed following completion of vocational training or single subject courses.

Requirements for Application

Study in Denmark (, the official Danish education portal provide details about educational requirements expected of students who apply for Master's level programmes . An instance is the subjects passed on a certain level. Dansih education involves use of levels A,B and C. A is the highest level of education required.

Subjects passed with certain minimum grade are another qualifying criteria for postgraduate courses. For students who have diploma, a certain minumum GPA is needed. Also of critical importance is the passing of an admission test or interview.

General versus Specific Requirements

It is important to meet both general as well as specific requirements if you want to be admitted to a Master's programme in Denmark. Those who do not meet specific requirements must complete supplementary courses before they are given permission to postgraduate courses in Danish higher educational institutions. These courses are offered only in Danish and they are not added as part of the GPA. Due to this, students cannot improve the GPA from upper secondary education to later courses.

Danish Versus English Medium Courses

Many non-Danish students chose to go in for English medium programmes. This requires certain level of proficiency in English. Those who want to apply for Danish medium programmes must ensure that they meet the language requirements.

Admission Into Danish Medium Programmes

For those who want admission to Danish medium programmes, students must provide proof of proficiency in Danish through a test known as “Danish as a Foriegn Language”. For certain programmes, students must pass Danish Test 3/‘Danskprove 3’. Those who do not have any proven Danish skills are also required to take lessons for up to 3 years to obtain required level of proficiency in Danish.

Admission For Foreign Qualification Holders
The Study in Denmark portal provides detailed description of the countries and qualifications for access to higher education. You can learn more about the admission requirements for foreign qualification holders here

Courses offered

There are a host of courses offered at postgraduation level by Danish universities to colleges. There are a variety of subjects including anthropolpgy, sociology, psychology and history. Students can opt for scientific disciplines. Every subject from actuarial mathematics to agro-biology is readily available at Danish higher educational institutions.

Admission procedure & Academic Calendar

Admission requirements for Candidatus or Master's level programmes are as follows. What is primarily needed is a globally recognised Bachelor's degree of excellent standards or equivalent. What is also needed is proof of proficiency in English for English medium courses and Danish for programmes which are taught in the Danish language.

Deadlines for Application

Deadlines vary for postgraduate courses depending upon the requirements and rules of the educational institutions such as colleges and universities. The academic calender is as follows. There is a long vacation from July 1 to August 31. The Fall semester for most educational institutions lasts from early August to early January and students finish the examinations by late December. The spring semester lasts from early January to later weeks of June.
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