Admission Requirements And Important Details For Doctorate Degree

Doctoral degree programmes are an important part of higher education. Denmark positions among the world's top countries pertaining to R&D expenditure and offers ideal conditions for PhD studies. 
Danish universities and research institutions greet international PhD students. The duration of a Danish PhD programme is usually three years.

Overview of Doctoral Degree Programmes in Denmark

Doctoral degree programmes are available in a vast number of different disciplines including science, social sciences, arts and humanities along with other professional courses such as management, information technology, engineering and medical. Doctoral level programmes are more available in the applied and research areas.

Components of PhD Programmes Offered By Danish Universities and Research Institutions

Danish universities and research institutions are suited for international PhD students who wish to conduct cutting-edge research.
The duration of the PhD programme is around three years. Here are the components of the programme:
  • The research has to be conducted independently under the supervision of the guiding professor
  • The courses for PhD students approximate 30 ECTS credits
  • Participation in research networks include placement at primarily foreign and research institutions
  • Teaching and other forms of spreading knowledge gained during the PhD are also important
  • The completion of the PhD thesis is necessary for awarding the degree.
Excellent research, lab and library facilities are offered for researchers opting for PhD programmes at Danish universities and research institutions. PhD students can also gain advantages by enrolling in programmes which involve collaboration between the university and the industry.

Entrance/Tests Requirements for Doctoral Degree Programmes in Danish

Admission requirements

For entrance into PhD programmes in Denmark, it is necessary for students to hold a degree that is equivalent or comparable with a two year Candidatus/Master's degree. In certain cases, a four year doctoral programme is also offered to students who have finished their undergraduate education as well as one year of postgraduate study. 

Obtaining a PhD qualification in Denmark is a lot of hard work. Doctoral level programmes at Danish higher educational institutions are extremely competitive. You need to check out the Study in Denmark online portal in order to know more about the admission requirements for doctorate programmes. You can also contact the concerned university in order to find detailed information about the PhD positions offered here.

Financing and Scholarships for PhD Programmes

There is a host of funding options available for those who wish to qualify for doctoral level programmes. Studentships are offered at the doctoral level by universities as well as research institutitions. Business enterprises as well as public and private foundations also provide financing for PhD programmes.

Employment for Students Pursuing Doctoral Studies in Denmark

Employment for these PhD programmes only lasts up to three years. Through joint collaboration between a university and a private enterprise, industrial PhD fellowships are provided wherein students complete research projects. The duration of the fellowships is around three years. More information is provided by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

Self-financed PhD programmes involve tuition fees of around 10,000 to 16,000 Euros. One is also eligible for scholarships or international financial support from the country which he or she hails from.

Outside Scholarship Programmes For Doctorate

International financial support is also available. Scholarships are offered by international organisations such as European Commission's research programmes. Danish higher educational institutions where you apply may also offer scholarship programmes. See education funding for exclusive details.

Courses offered Under Doctoral Studies

Doctoral programmes are in a host of disciplines including arts, science, humanities, social sciences and other areas. There are unusual fields where doctoral programmes are also offered. Application and admission for such programmes is merit based.

Admission Procedure & Academic Calendar

For admission into doctoral programmes, students need to contact the particular Danish higher educational institution where they have applied. The admission procedure for doctoral level programmes is fairly competitive and rigorous.

For Industrial PhD applications, deadlines are spaced around the months of January, May, and September. Subsidies for such fellowships are going to be found in the private sector as well.

Visiting PhD Scholars

PhD scientists and researchers who are enrolled at universities outside Denmark can apply for admission as a visiting doctoral student at any Danish university or research institution. The interested candidates should apply directly to the concerned university or research institution in Denmark.

You also need to contact institutions of relevance and interest for further information and possibilities as well as procedures. Certain universities even have special application forms.
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